Eight19 to present at Plastic Electronics 2012

September 21, 2012

Eight19's CTO, Michael Niggemann, will present at the 8th Plastic Electronics Conference & Exhibition 2012 - the leading international convention focused on organic Electronics.  Dr Niggemann will speak on the "Development and Up-scaling of Organic Photovoltaic Modules for Off-grid Applications"

Presentation Abstract
Eight19 develops and manufactures flexible organic solar modules, with a specific focus on off-grid markets. While the on-grid market for solar is maturing, there exists a large – and largely unserved – off-grid market of 1.5Bn potential customers in emerging markets requiring basic energy for which solar PV and in particular OPV is well suited.  We will address the challenges in the technology development of low-cost, efficient solar modules for these applications and give an overview state of the art of the technology development at Eight19. We will in particular address the constraints in the choice of materials and processes experienced in the technology transfer to a roll-to-roll fabrication process.

Plastic Electronics 2012
This year's conference will focus on transferring technology into volume manufacturing and addressing new markets for consumers and industry.  The Plastic Electronics Conference brings together worldwide expertise with leading global research scientists and top-class industry partners.

The program will include a plenary forum with panel discussions including representatives from IAPP, BASF, and Aixtron among others; as well as three parallel sessions organised during three consecutive days embracing Technology/Materials, Manufacturing and Business Cases from OLED, Flexible PV and Integrated Smart Systems. Additionally, there will be more than 100 further lectures from prominent experts recognized for their outstanding achievements in those fields. 

The Plastic Electronics Conference will be held Messe Dresden, Germany, 9-11 October